“Hi, I’m Phil.”

Okay, so a bit about me. I grew up near the mountains, and almost every weekend, my family and I would go into the Ghost River Wilderness Area. Once I flew the nest, however, I left the mountains behind. That all changed when I fell in love with a girl and followed her to Canmore. Since then, I’ve reconnected with the Rockies. Although I spend much of my time with my head in a book, or staring at a computer screen (working on a PhD is a solitary, indoor pursuit), being able to walk out my door and be the mountains is amazing. Everyday I see something new, and for that I’m grateful.

I’ve lived many “lives,” including set painter, newspaper designer, freelance writer, sailor, and academic. Yet, the life I lead now is the best. A large part of that is due to Tanya (the aforementioned girl), and Phil, our rescue Boxer. She makes me embrace chaos, and he reminds me that it’s cool to let your tongue hang out.

If you’re curious about my professional accomplishments, here’s my CV.