Pressure Points

“A settling of force”

Mark Mullin’s work is deep. Deep in that mind-numbing, aneurysm-inducing way most of us feel about quantum physics or defragmenting our hard drives. Thick with paint and abstract imagery, the pieces in Mullin’s show “A SUDDEN CHANGE IN PRESSURE,” are an amalgamation of numerous influences. From scientific theorems to Japanese packaging, the local artist and ACAD instructor mixes styles and concepts into paintings that appear both random and deliberate. Interwoven brush strokes proliferate as if they were living organisms, while circles lend the structure and restraint of their perfect geometry. A bubble-gum colour palette adds a levity that increases the work’s depth.

All of this combines to create an experience that constantly and abruptly shifts from the ephemeral to the visually dense. It is this shift that is central to Mullin’s work. “It’s as if one is traveling through an air pocket,” he says, “and there is a massive change of pressure, and you go through a kind of visual turbulence.” And therein lies the secret. While viewing any of Mullin’s paintings, always fasten your seat belt because you know it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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