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Here’s a snapshot of some of the things I’ve done over the past decade. From writer to designer to instructor, I’ve worn many different hats. Currently I’m completing a PhD in public policy, exploring the world of data visualization, and getting ready for snowboard season.

As for the bobble-head above? It’s Buddy Lee, the 1920s mascot for Lee Jeans.
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Thanks for visiting. Hopefully you like what you see.

Travis Reynolds

Newspaper Design
From 2004 to 2011, I was a news designer at the Calgary Herald. Over those seven years, I created more pages than I can remember. Here are a few of my favourites. The first, "Rage...
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Calgary Flood I own a condo in Calgary, right along the Elbow River. The 2013 flood destroyed the building's basement. These pictures show what remained after most of the debris was cleaned out. It was...
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Video Work
Here's a small selection of the videos I've created. The first one was created for the non-profit organization Co-operatives First. The second two videos, "Creating a Scatterplot" and "Causality", are part of an online class...
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Prior to leaving the Calgary Herald in 2011, I wrote for both the newspaper and Swerve Magazine. Since beginning my PhD, I've co-authored an article in the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, and a chapter...
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